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6x9 College
Big archives, great art and the humor hits home. This is definately one of the best Keenspace comics. Read it. Now. Or I hurt you. Lots. Capiche?
And Shine Heaven Now
A great, HIGHLY nifty Hellsing doujinshi. 'Taint very serious, but it's great fun. (Oh, and go watch the Hellsing anime and read the manga while you're at it.)
Antihero for Hire
This is one of those great comics that most people miss. Don't miss it, man, 'cos Mr. Shallow can weave a rather nice tale.
Beyond Reality
I don't know what it is that sets this webcomic apart from all of the other "regular people thrown into alternate dimension dealy that's all fantasy-ized" webcomics, but something does. Maybe it's because the art's actually pretty good. Maybe it's because Mr. Gates (Orion Gates, not Bill.) can actually come up with a decent story and has a good sense of humor. I have no clue, actually, but something makes it a highly enjoyable read.
The Call of Whatever
It's no real secret that I love Lovecraft's work. Seeing as this uses his mythos AND is actually rather funny, I'm in love from the get-go.
First off, that period aint a typo. It's a part of the name. Second off, while the art isn't as great as, say, MacHall, the humor in this comic is. And the art isn't horrible by ANY definition of the word. (Oh yeah, look out for little tidbits he's hidden in the comic. That's all I'm saying. *evil grin*)
Counter Culture
A good retail comic. Wow, that sounds strange... Those words don't normally go together in any other circumstance than when you're talking about this webcomic.
This is one of the giants for a reason. I'm sure you've seen links for it before. If you haven't read it by now, SHAME.
Demonology 101
Even though it's over now, you should go and read through the archives. Trust me, it's worth your time.
The art style in this comic kind of put me off at first. I actually tend to dislike furry comics... But trust me, this one is worth your time.
Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire
I love this comic so much it's creepy, but then again I have a strange obession for horribly badly good puns. That doesn't make sense to anyone but readers of the comic, does it? Oh well. If you haven't read it yet, just go and do it so you can tell what the blue hell I'm talking about.
Eidolic Fringe
It's got great art. It's got very good writing. why isn't this comic one of the giants, again? I mean, seriously people, go read this comic.
Errant Story
For the record, it's written by the same Micheal Poe as the one who made Exploitation Now. However, the two comics aren't alike... This is a relatively serious fantasyish comic. Note the relatively.
El Goonish Shive
This comic is weird. Good weird, in fact I love it, but that doesn't hide the fact that it's *weird*. There's more gender swapping and transformation than you can shake a boomstick at.
Fade Resistant
This is one of those comics that sounds like it's gonna suck if you just read a description, but turns out to be rather good. I'm not even going to try and sum it up.
Golden Age of Adventurers
I'm seriously surprised I didn't find this earlier than I did. The art is really, REALLY good and it pulls off a fantasy storyline. (Meaning that, unlike MOST fantasy webcomics, it's actually worth your time. Go figure.)
Hazard's Wake
Let me just put it this way, HW is one funny bugger.
Krakow and Krakow 2.0
Two different comics by the same guy. Krakow's a gag strip, Krakow 2.0's actually serious. I like 'em both.
A Miracle of Science
A truely great SciFi tale about Mad Science. Not too much more I can say without ruining the story, so get out there and READ.
Questionable Content
A comic about the day to day life of an indie rocker. Sounds lame? 'Taint. 'Taint lame at all, actually, it's quite good.
Real Life
I love this comic with a passion, but I hate the fact that it spawned the whole "I'm bored, let's make a comic!" line. Unnnngh! Seriously, though, it's worth reading.
Man, I wish I could draw that good. Seriously, go check this comic out. Even if you don't like SciFi stories, the art is enough to make you go into convulsions. (For the record, yes, the story is rather engaging, I just know quite a few odd people who hate SciFi manga.)
Sea of Insanity
Nymphs, gods, and drunken college students. Great read, but be warned, it's best to have at least a rough grasp of Greek mythology before reading.
Shaw Island
Sentient hampsters and crabs, anime, computer nerds, oh my... Seriously though, this comic is great fun.
Two comics for the price of one, and both are great! Go figure, TdotOdot2k is a talented man.

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