The IAQ (Infrequently Asked Questions)

Q: Ok, punk, why're you doing this? Why make a webcomic?
A: Why not? ...Ok, that's not exactly the real reason why. Truth be told, I just figured that this would be the best way to get the voices in my head to shut up. They get distracting, after all... -.-

Q: Dude, why does your site look like arse?
A: I can't do jack diddly squat in HTML. I know, I can even see the next question...

Q: Then why don't you learn HTML!?
A: Because, at the moment, this is all underground. Maybe when or if it gets big enough to attract a few readers, I'll do a site overhaul and everyone will be happy, at least for a few seconds.

Q: d00d cna my charactar bne in j00r comic?
A: No. Not unless I put out an open call for characters, which I most likely won't.

Q: What's with the weird update schedule?
A: what's wrong with Thursday/Friday? I like being different, and it seems everything is either only Friday, Tusday/Thursday, or Monday/Wednesday/Friday.

Q: Can I have your children?
A: Heh. Get in line.

Q: Dude, your art sucks.
A: First off, that's a statement, not a question. Second, I'm well aware of that, THANK YOU. But seriously, if you think it's bad and have suggestions on how to improve it, I'm all ears. My email at the moment is xueliean2 (at) yahoo (dot) com. Expect it to change soon, when I finally get around to making an email address dedicated solely to the comic.

Q: How often do you check your email?
A: Admittidly pretty rarely, so don't expect a really quick response. Sorry.

Q: Will you ever charge people to read Human Debris?
A: I'm going to answer that one with a giant, resounding, echoing, smack you in the arse NO. The main comic will remain free for all to read. Maybe, at some point down the road, I'll sell some kidn of related merchandise or whatever, but that's rather unlikely.

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