About the Comic

Human Debris is drawn using specialized equipment such as the Mk. I Human Eyeball, The five digited fleshy object manipulator, the graphite dispenser, and dead trees. It is then scanned using a genrico brand all in one scanner/printer/copier/fax machine/coffee maker and cleaned up using the image manipulation program known as Paint Shop Pro 8. Then, it is uploaded to the World Wide Internet for the enjoyment of all.

Seriously though, there's nothing special about the way I draw it or anything. Go read MacHall's tutorials if you want to learn how to draw, Ian both draws and gives tutorials so much better than I do it's scary.

About the Author

The name's Tyler. At the time of writing this, I'm 14 and living in Louisiana, also known as the buttcrack of the United States. I have a burning hatred directed at people who can't be bothered to type with semi-correct English online. Yes, I realize that you probably think I'm full of shit because two of those statements don't go together. I don't care. I listen to my music far too loud, I love rare meat, I talk too much, I use too much profanity, I procrastinate more than any human being has a right to, and I'm saddened by the state of humanity as is. Music is a driving force for me, and I listen to anything that doesn't suck. Nelly sucks. In fact, most mainstream bands suck. So do a good deal of indie bands, too. If I offend you with the comic in any way and you email me about it, you might get an apology if you're polite, but you're most likely not going to change anything. Just a fact. Most people think I'm crazy. I probably am, but screw medication. Ritalin equals bad parenting, in my eyes at least.

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